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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!




Ryan Murphy & Teo D'Alessandro Swim FAST 100 IM (46"90 & 49"10) @ Practice

Another day with more FAST Swimming today here at our practice at Bolles.

I know some people will have negative comments about it but I think Ryan Murphy & Teo D'Alessandro swam a very FAST 100 IM today at practice.

Today was last practice for Ryan with us at Bolles and he wanted to race with Teo and use an old Fullbody suit to see how fast they could go in the 100 IM.  After the US Open both of them took over two weeks off and they have been in the water for a couple of days.

I need to apologize to Teo since I did not get his splits :-( but hopefuly he knows that I still care a lot about him ;-)>

Well here is the video for you to enjoy.  The final times are the ones I took:

Ryan Murphy 46"90& Teo D'Alessandro 49"10



Caeleb Dressel swims a FAST 19"0-18"9 @ Practice Today!

Today at the Late Night practice at the Bolles School Sharks, Caeleb Dressel swam an impressive 50 yards Free.  Coach Jason Calanog had Caeleb swim at the end of practice a 50 yards Free in preparation for the 2013 FINA Junior World Championships in Dubai next week and he exploded.  Three coaches timed this 50 and two had 19"01 & 19"07 and one had a 18"91.  It does not matter this is just PLAIN FAST!!!

Watch the video and enjoy. Probably one of the FASTEST 50 yards Freedone at practice ever ;-)

Congrats to Caeleb and Jason!

Good Luck @ Junior Worlds!!!

Go Bolles!


THANK YOU-GRACIAS Charlie Houchin!

Charlie Houchin does it again and help the USA Team win another gold in the 800 Free Relay this time at the 2013 FINA World Championships. I know it was a couple of days ago but between celebrations, obligations with the Singapre Team and having dinner with my family everytime I got back to the hotel I felt asleep (I do everywhere anyway ;-)

Charlie had an amazing day by swimming twice at a very high level. In the Prelims he swam a 1:45"66 and in the Finals he swam a 1:45"5.  I believe that not many swimmers in the USA Team have swam that FAST in a relay so far. Charlie did such a good job in the morning that he earned his spot for the Finals and he got to stand on the top of the podium to receive his GOLD Medal.  Very proud of him.

I also want to take this time to THANK Charlie for coming to train with us and for trusting me these past two years. It has been an amazing experience that has given him amn Olympic Gold Medal and a World Championhsip Gold Medal both as a member of the 800 Free Relay for Team USA.

Charlie will be relocating to Raleigh, NC because of his business with his company IX3Sports.  He has found a business partner that will be supporting his business venture with a big capital investment and he has to relocate in order to makeit succesful.  Personally I am sad and I am happy.  One of those big contradictions in life.  I am very happy for Charlie and IX3Sports because this is an amazing opportunity to take his dream to a high level and make it a reality and make it very succesful.  I am sad because I will not be able to train and keep learning from who I think is one of the most talented freestylers in the World. I know these are big words but it is true. I #Believe ;-)

Charlie and I have grown a lot and have learned a lot from one another and I thank him for it.  I know that my swimmers will be better from everything I have experiences and I have learned.  I also know the swimmers that have had the chance to train and interact with him have really enjoyed their time togetehr and most important they have seen what it takes to be a World Class swimmer.  Thank You Charlie!

Here you have the video of the last two "Gold" swims that Charlie did as a Bolles swimmer.  Enjoy!

800 Free Relay - 2013 FINA World Championships - Barcelona, Spain

Prelims 1:45"66 // Finals 1:45"5


Charlie Houchin lo hace otra vez y ayuda al Equipo de USA a ganar otra medalla de Oro en el 4 x 200 Libresaqui en los Campeonatos del Mundo FINA. Creo que ha habido muy pocos nadadores en USA que han hecho 1:45"5-"6.

Charlie nado tan bien por la manana que se gano un puesto para el relevo por la tarde y tambien la oportunidad de estar en lo mas arriba del podium de honor con el resto de Team USA.  Dos carrrones y Oro Mudial ;-)

La verdad que yo estoy muy orgulloso y agradecido con Charlie for varias razones.  Primero por confiar en mi y los entrenadores de Bolles estos dos ultimos anyos. Tambien por ser un gran profesional y ayudar a mis nadadores jovenes a ver la dedicacion y fuerza interna que hay que tener para conseguir estar en l elite.  MUCHA GRACIAS Charlie.

Charlie a partir de Septiembre se va a mudar al estado de North Carolina y a la ciudad de Raileigh ya que el negocio que creo hace dos temporadas ha tenido un inversor que le va ayudar a lanzar su producto al mercado USA.  Una oportunidad unica y que la tiene que aprovechar. Personalmente estoy triste y a la vez contento. Una de esas contradicciones de esta gran vida que nos ha tocado vivir.

Lo unico que puedo decir es GRACIAS CHARLIE por todo lo que he podido aprender de ti y el beneficio que los nadadores jovenes de Bolles han tenido al tenerte entrenando con ellos estas dos ultimas temporadas.

Disfrutar de los videos que estan arriba y gracias por seguir mi blog ;-)


Celebrating Sandy's Birthday in "Barceloneta"-Great Restaurant

Here we are with the Schooling's family having dinner and celebrating Sandy's birthday.

Ready for some amazing food.

Will update later ;-)

Aqui con los Schooling celebrando el cumpleaños de Sany.

Siempre apunto a comer de bien.

Os mantendre informados ;-)


Day 6 Bolles Swimmers at 2013 World Championships in Barcelona ;-)

Day 6 Bolles Swimmers at the 2013 World Championships

This morning I had my four swimmers swim here at the 2013hotel FINA World Championships. We had a pretty good morning with Mario Todorovich (Croacia), Joseph Schooling (Singapore), Gisela Morales (Guatemala) and Charlie Houchin (USA). Two Life Times Best, one Season Best and one just 0"2 of best time. Pretty good I would like to say ;-)

100 Butterfly
Today we had Mario and Joseph swimming this event. Mario took it out pretty well in a 24"46 but at the end he was lifting his body a little too much instead of going forward. His time of 52"96 is a life time best and he was pretty happy. I am very happy because he has swam three events and the three of them have been Life Time Best. Congrats Todi! And THANK YOU for training with us and being such a good professional and most important person. Go Croatia!

Mario Todorovich 100 Fly Prelims Video (52”96):

In this event we also had our Benjamin Joseph swimming the heat after Mario. I think I made a mistake when talking with him about strategy since I thought the guy next to him was going to get out fast and he didn't. Joseph first 50 was 25"06 and his total time was 52"56, placing 17th and this time out of Semis by 0.04 :-(. I have no doubt that he can swim much faster but his first 50 was and he also said his legs were very tired. That's was an eight day meet does to you. It wears you out. We are in the bus right now back to the pool with the hopes someone scratches ;-)

Joseph Schooling 100 Fly Video (52”56):

200 Backstroke
Gisela swam today a very tough 200 Back. Even though she was far from her best time she did an amazing job getting everything she had inside. Her husband and baby Ian were in the stands here in Barcelona watching her swim. It was funny because they were sitting next to my family but they did not know each other. Thanks to the baby that was running around discovering the World they met. Ian started walking less than a week ago when Gisela was here getting ready to swim :-(.

Well Gisela swam a very good first 100 with a 1:04"22 but at the 130 meters she started hurting. Her final time was 2:15"63 and it was a season best!

Gisela Morales 200 Back Video (2:15”63):

I am very happy with Gisela's swim because I can see that if we have done this with nine months of training and three tapers when we are consistent for few months the sky is the limit. RIO is waiting for Gisela.

Congrats Gisela and Marco.

800 Free Relay
Charlie surprised everyone but not us. He had the fastest split in the morning for Team USA with a blazzing 1:45"66. This swim gives him the chance to swim in the Final tonight and fight for the gold with the best rest of Team USA.

Charlie Houchin 800 Free Relay (1:45”66):

Tonight will be a great race for Charlie and for me it will be a privilege to watch him fight for Gold in my hometown Barcelona. Also today will be a sad day since it is my last time being Charlie's coach since he is moving out of Jacksonville in September to establish his company IX3Sports with a big investor.

Good luck tonight & THANKS for these past two years.

Well enjoy the videos and I write some more soon.

Enjoy the videos!

Go Bolles!!!