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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!




Breakfast with Champions - June 21-08 at Bolles

Thanks to all of you that came to our "Breakfast with Champions". I want to thank Mrs. Talwar for the great efort that she put in organizing this event. Our younger Sharks had a blast getting autographs from our Trials and Olympic swimmers and the whole team had a chance to gather together to celebrate the great TRADITION that Bolles has developing world class swimming.



Thanks to All!




Hello :-)

This is my first post hopefyully it works. We will try to use this blog during the 2008 US Olympic Trials to post our thoughts, pictures and anything we see. As you know we have Aubrey Peacock, Chris Hagedorn swimming at the meet and then me (Coach Sergio) as the coach and also Coach Christian who will be helping with NBC.

We will keep you posted.


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