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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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Next Week Bolles at FLAGs-Will the Magic travel to Gainesville?


The Bolles Magic will travel to Gainesville with our younger and hungry Sharks.  Coach Dale and the rest of the Age Group coaching staff will be leading a group of 57 swimmers to the University of Florida to compete at the 2013 Summer FLAGs.

Here in the picture above you have our young Sharks that will be competing in their last FLAGs meet this next week.  Today at our pre-meet party each one of them gave a speech of what it means to be part of the BOLLES TRADITION and how excited they are to go out there and swim FAST.  They believe in the power of their teammates and the power and MAGIC that the Bolles Tradition has given them to reach this level and keep moving forward.


Very exciting meet that will be broadcast live by our great friends and amazing professionals from the Florida Swim Network.  Here is the link to the event:

Also here is a picture of how yesterday my wife and some of her friends were doing preparations for today's FLAGs party and they were making their own MAGIC. Supposedly my wife makes a mean Margarita.  I guess all those years working at the night clubs back in Barcelona are paying off. I wish I was there ;-)



Finals Day 2 - 2012 Summer FLAGS

Great Swims and great Team Spirit for the Bolles swimmers this morning at the 2012 Summer Florida Age Group Championships. Now it is time for the Finals. Keep cheering and supporting one another and create the best energy posssible. Our Sharks that will be swimming today will feed off that energy. Relays are a key. NO FEAR SHARKS!

Good Luck!

I will be watching and cheering for all of you.


Let's Go Bolles - Day 2 at FLAGS

Best of luck to our young Sharks on the second day of the Florida Age Group Championships that they are taking place at The University of Florida in Gainesville.

Yesterday our Team swam very well and after the first day we are 41.5 points behind the Sarasota YMCA. Great job!!! Remember that last summer after the first session we were second behind them by a lot more and at the end we won the meet. Last night I was able to watch all the races on the internet from my dorm room here at the Surrey University outside of London. I was very exciting watching so many Bolles swimmers at finals at night. Congrats to all the swimmers, parents and coaches.

We still have three more days of great swimming ahead of us and from my computer to all of you BEST OF LUCK!!!

Follow our Sharks on the net at:
Results at:

PROUD to be a Bolles SHARK!


Go Bolles! Good Luck at the 2012 Summer FLAGS

Today in a couple of hours we will have our young Bolles Sharks competing at the 2012 Florida Age Group Championships (FLAGS). This is the first time in five seasons that I miss watching our young Sharks competing against the best in Florida. I am double sad because I will not be able to cheer for our swimmers and at the same time I will not be able to see Harley compete. My son Cobi aged up (11-12) and he missed making his cuts. I feel bad for him but he is there to support the team, his sister and in case they need him for any relay.

From outside of London (England) I just wan to wish BEST OF LUCK to all the Bolles swimmers, parents and coaches. So far each one of you has done a tremendous job working to be ready for this meet and I have no doubts that everyone will do very well. Last summer we surprised the Sarasota YMCA (little sharks ;-) to win the championship and I am sure that each one of you is ready to do the same again this summer.


I am thankful to Florida Swim Network for the great coverage of the Florida meets and I will be watching as much as I can their webcast at: