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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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What a Privilege! - 2012 USA Olympic Team

After a long and very good ten days here in Omaha I got to attend the first official workout with our amazing 2012 USA Olympic Team.

Great feeling to be on the pool deck observing the first official workout and most important watching the swimmers and coaches being so excited and happy. Today was a day design to get everyone together in a relax environment before swimmers and coaches go home to recharge batteries and finish up the training plan for the next 25 days before the Games start.

Great to see Charlie Houchin and Ariana Kukors so happy and ready to fine tune their engines to swim FAST in London.

I am ready to catch my plane back home and go back to normal for few days ;-) It was good to have my family here with me for a couple of days. I have no doubts that Harley and Cobi had a blast watching such an amazing event and hopefully it will help them become more passionate about their goals in life.

Thanks for following me!


Last Call - Last Finals at 2012 Trials

Right now I am sitting in the warm down pool waiting for this last session of the 2012 USA Olympic Trials. Almost the whole Bolles Sharks team is back home and only Charlie Houchin and myself are still here in Omaha. Tomorrow morning Charlie Houchin and Ariana Kukors will have a workout and meeting with the USA Olympic Team and back home in the afternoon. It has been a long nine days so far here in Omaha.

Today LAST CALL for the top female sprinters (50 free) and the top male distance swimmers (1500) to earn a spot in the 2012 USA Olympic Team.

The question today is: Will Dara Torres at the age of 45 make the Olympic Team? In my opinion she looked very comfortable yesterday in the Semis, and I would think at the age of 45 any bit of energy you can save is very important. I am only 43 and just thinking about going 24+ in the 50 free I get sore and dizzy ;-)

Good luck to everyone I am ready to sit and watch two more exciting races.



How Fast is Fast-Faster Than You Think

Here we are at the pool watching the final of the woman's 800 Free with Ledecky taking the lead. Very exciting race but hard to follow while I am writing.

Now the question for the next event is :
How Fast is Fast?
Joszef Nagy always told me with a great Hungarian grace. Sergio FAST is Faster than you think. Wise man ;-)

We are ready Coach Cristian and me to witness Faster than you think with the men's 50 Free coming next.

Enjoy and Go Bolles!


Day 7 Prelims - Bolles Youth Ready to Swim FAST

Here we are after a week if watching 15 of our Bolles Sharks have an amazing experience at the 2012 USA Olympic Trials. In fifteen minutes we will have our younger swimmer only 14 swim the 50 Free. Kasey Schmidt swim the meet if her life. Right now I am standing next to her and her Coach Christian Bahr and she looks relax and happy. I think Coach Christian is more nervous hahaha ;-)

GOOD LUCK Kasey!!!


Go Bolles!


Amazing Day for Bolles & Ryan Murphy

What can I say about today's swims for Bolles. EXCELLENT!

What a journey we have had this past four years since 2008 Trials. Today we had a total of TEN swims when in 2008 we only had four for the whole meet.

This morning we had Robbie Hayes in the last race of his life swim a best time with a blazing 54.04 in the 100 fly. Also in the same event we had young Santo Condorelli swim an amazing 54.23 in the 100 fly. Robbie is retiring but with Santo and with Caeleb Dressel the future of Bolles 100 fly looks very promising.

Tonight we had Ryan Murphy place 4th in the 200 backstroke at the age if 16 with his personal best of 1:57.39. I know that Ryan had a lot of expectations to swim fast and I can only say: Ryan you have an incredible journey ahead as a swimmer and THANK YOU for working so hard, believe in the process and be the person you are. Congrats for an amazing 2012 USA Olympic Trials and NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS my friend.

Tomorrow we come back for our last swim at this Trials with our younger swimmer in the squad Kasey Schmidt (14). She will be swimming 50 free.

Thanks for your support and following this blog.