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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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Day 6 Prelims - Another Full Day of Races for Bolles

It seems like it has been forever since we got here over a week ago. But today we have 9 swims and a very exciting day if competition for our Bolles Sharks.

Today we will start with the 50 free with four of our Sharks going FAST! Caeleb Dressel our young speedy phenomenon that will be looking to try to lock a spot in the USA Junior National team, also in the situation will be Santo Condorelli. In my opinion these two swimmers will make some college coach very happy and will represent the USA someday at a high level. On the other side we have Carlos Van Isschot that will be racing one last time in his life unless he makes it back. Also Robbie Hayes will be swimming this event.

After our boys swim FAST we will have Ashley Neidigh swimming the 800 Free. Ashley is a very good distance swimmer and we know that she will do very well. She also has as one of her goals to make the USA Junior National Team.

After the distance event we will have the speedy 100 Fly with Caeleb Dressel, Santo Condorelli and Robbie Hayes swimming one more time. I am very excited to watch this event since I really believe that they are ready to Rock & Roll.

Last event of the day for our Sharks will be the 200 back with Aubrey Peacock. I know that this is not her favorite event ;-) but I know she will go out for it. Good luck Aubrey!

One interesting fact for our Bolles swimmers and parents is that today we have nine swims, and at Trials in 2008 we had four swims for the whole meet. Great improvement!

Tonight we will have Ryan Murphy in the Finals of the 200 Back.

Enjoy another day of FAST swimming and GO BOLLES!


Day Five Finals - Great Morning Better Night

This morning prelims we had great performances by our Sharks here at the 2012 Olympic Trials in Omaha.

Robbie Hayes dropped 1.5 seconds in the 200 IM and it was great to watch since this is the last time in his swimming career that he will swim this event. Teo D'Alessandro swam also a personal best time in the 200 IM being this one his last event as a high school swimmer for our Sharks. Soon he will be headed to Princeton. He will rock the Ivy's. Good luck my friend and thank you for being a great captain, teammate and friend. We also had our youngster Caeleb Dressel swim the 200 IM. He did not get a best time but he swam well and what I can say is that he has a bright future ahead of him. Also he qualified for 5 events for this meet and I believe his is the younger male swimmer with most events here at Trials.

In the 200 Breaststroke we had Ashley Neidigh doing a great job. Ashley has a very good breaststroke and very soon she will be fighting to get in finals at the big meets. Ariana Kukors decided to scratch this event so she can start focusing on the Olympic Games.

Last event of the day was the 200 back where Ryan Murphy qualified 4th for finals but since Matt Grevers (scratched the event) Ryan will be seeded 3rd for tonights Semis. Also we had Preston Jenkings swimming this event. Preston did not swim well but after the race he realized what he did and hopefully he will learn for next when he competes for BYU in college. I also want to Thank Preston Jenkings for the way he represented the team and for the great person and friend that he is. Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

Tonight we will have Ryan Murphy in the second semifinal trying secure a spot for tomorrow's finals. Also in the Semis we have another youngster from Florida that swims for the Sarasota Sharks, Alex Katz (16). I also want to wish the best to two swimmers that represent the future of USA backstroke: Jacob Pebley and Jack Conger.




Ariana Kukors Makes the USA Olympic Team

What a great night for a great lady.  Ariana Kukors makes the 2012 USA Olympic Team in the 200 IM with a great last 15 meters of freestyle.  I have known Ariana for many years and I have had the privilege to coach her at Bolles for the last seven months and the only thing I can say is CONGRATS ARI & THANK YOU!

It has been a privilege to be able to be part of her journey and help her reach her dream of being an Olympian. These past four years have ben very hard for Ariana after placing third in 2008 right here in Omaha, and these past 24 hours have been very intense full of emotions.  At the end everything worked out and Ariana will be going to London and will have a chance to show the World how good she really is.  I have seen at practice everyday something special with her practices and I have no doubts that now that she has her ticket she will be relax and ready to be Ariana Kukors.

Today placing second for her (or anybody here at USA Trials) is like winning the Olympics.

Thanks Ariana for allowing me to part of this process and I would like to give my CONGRATULATIONS to the person that molded her into the best Imer in the World, Sean Hutchinson.  Sean you should be proud for the amazing job you have done with Ariana for so many years. You are the man!

Well I got to go to bed since tomorrow (today I guess) we have great Bolles swimming ahead of us with Ryan Murphy and Preston Jenkings in the 200 Back, Ashley Neideigh in the 200 Breaststroke and Robbie Hayes, Teo d'Alessandro and Caeleb Dressel in the 200 IM.  Go Bolles!!!



Ryan Murphy after his 100 Back Final at Trials

Ryan Murphy talks to our Bolles swimmers, parents and followers right after his great swim in the 100 Backstroke Finals at the 2012 USA Olympic Trials.  Ryan swam an impressive race and finished 6th.  In the Semifinals Ryan broke the 15-16 National Age Group Record with an impressive 53.76 that places him 12th in the World for this year so far.

An interesting fact is that aaron Peirsol won the Gold Medal at the 2004 Olympic Games with a 54.0.  Ryan's time is a great indicator that if he keeps working the way he has worked so far and he is a little lucky ;-) the sky is the limit.

Personally I am very proud of him and most impresive than the time is the way he is handeling the pressure of this Trials.  Feel Lucky to be one of the coaches at Bolles and to be working with swimmers like Ryan.  WE ARE BOLLES!



Day Four Trials Prelims - Bolles Speedy Youth Ready

This morning we have our young speedy Sharks ready to go and swim fast.

Santo Condorelli (17) and Caeleb Dressel (15) are two of the top young sprinters in the country and that is my humble opinion ;-). Both boys will become great college swimmers and I think both will have a chance to represent the USA internationally in the future. Best of luck boys.

We also have swimming tonight in what will be probably one of his last races of his swimming career Carlos Van Isschot (25). Carlos is a good story since I tried to get him to come and swim at West Virginia University but he broke my heart ;-) and went to Conference rival University of Louisville. It is just interesting how things worked out. Happy that now he is one of our Sharks and ready to watch him swim fast.