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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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"The Defining Moment of Your Swimming Career"

My swimmers are tired of hearing from me when we are about to do something important (although everything is important :-) at practice: " Guys this is The Defining Moment of Your Swimming Career". They just to think it was funny now it is just a phrase. What they don't really understand is there are many moments each day that will define our life and will send us at a new and exciting path in our life.

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Moving into the Dorms :-(

These first four days we have been staying at the Holiday Inn right here in Gilford next to the University. Today we have moved to the University dorms :-(

The dorms and the area are nice but there are a couple not so good things:

* No more desserts.
* No more TV.

Like I always tell my swimmers "find the positive of the negative." So maybe these not so good things become good things like:

* No more dessert, No More Extra Pounds :-)
* No more TV, more time to catch up with lost hours of sleep :-) and more time to do club/high school work :-(.

Well joking aside this will be a good opportunity so I spend more quality time with Joseph and the other members of Team Singapore. As coaches we are always looking to keep making the relationships with the swimmers stronger, and now we have the perfect opportunity to make our partnership stronger.

No excuses to fall asleep standing up on deck anymore :-) No that I ever did that.

In the picture Joseph and Aloysius at the local supermarket buying extra groceries for the dorm.


No Will Power - Dessert One of the Pleasures of Life

Here you have the proof of why it's not difficult for me to keep a beautiful round shape ;-)

After a great dinner I could not resist but to visit twice to the dessert table and have four pieces of cake. I guess I am lucky that I don't have to compete anymore. The problem is that if I keep this up my new x shirts from Team Singapore will be too small hahaha... ;-)

I feel for Joseph that he had to watch me eat the cakes while is not allowed to eat any hahaha...

The power of food defeats my will power to lose weight anytime anywhere, and today you have the proof right here.

Tomorrow we will be moving into the University dorms and "there will be no temptation".

Living the Dream!!!


Arrival to London

After an amazing seven hour nap ;-) here we are in London. The Singaporean team manager (Alisius) just picked us up to take us to the University of Surrey.

We will be training at the Surrey Sports Park until July 23rd that we will move to the Olympic Village.

I believe now one and half hour drive before we get to Surrey. Glad I don't have to drive. Last time I drove on this side of the road was not pretty. Well ready for another nap ;-)

More to come later.


On my way to the 2012 USA Olympic Trials

Ready to go!

Here I am at the Jax airport waiting to board one of the planes that will take me to Omaha, Nebraska for the 2012 USA Olympic Trials.

I just want to say "Thank You" to every single coach at Bolles for the great job they have done these past four years. For the 2008 Trials we traveled to Omaha with three swimmers and now we are traveling with 16 :-). We have at least one swimmer from each one of our Senior groups representing Bolles at this 2012 Olympic Trials. Congrats & Thank You Coaches!

I also want to thank everyone from the Bolles family for everything you do to make Bolles what it is. Right now our coaches, parents and volunteers are running the 2012 TYR Summer Classic with 800 swimmers participating. Good Luck this weekend.

Well, this is my new Blog and I will try to keep it updated with thoughts , results from our swimmers and pictures. Please feel free to comment and give me your feedback.

Thanks for everything and let's get ready for FAST & EXCITING SWIMMING.


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