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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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I want to thank Garrett McCaffrey and SWIMSWAM for taking the time to interview me and ask me about Bolles.  You guys at SwimSwam are doing an amazing job at keeping the swimming community informed and updated with everything that goes on in the swimming World.  


Click on the image below to watch the interview ;-) 


Sean Mahoney, Fabiola Molina & Diogo Yabe swim FAST in BERLIN

What a great meet in Berlin-World Cup for Sean Mahoney, Fabiola Molina and Diogo Yabe.

Sean swam so far the fastest here in Berlin and he was able to win the 200 Breaststroke for the second time on a row after winning a couple of days ago in Moscow.  His time 2:04.55 places him first in the World Rankings for this year so far.  He also had an excellent 100 Breaststroke with a 58.60 that so far that is over ½ faster that he had been able to do at every other stop of this 2012 World Cup Circuit.

If Sean keeps winning he will have to take me to have breakfast at METRO Diner here in Jax.  Best Breakfast in Jacksonville!



Now Sean will be traveling back to San Francisco for few days before he travels to Beijing for his next World Cup Stop.  There are three more meets and Sean will be swimming the three of them.  He is having a great experience and I have no doubts that he will be a much better swimmer after he is done with this great adventure.  I really believe he can still swim faster and hopefully he does.  At his last stop in Singapore Sean and Anthony Ervin will be doing some Clinics for a couple of the local clubs. 


Fabiola Molina and Diogo Yabe had a very good meet too.  At least that’s what I think  ;-)  I don’t know what they think since they are not training here at Bolles anymore.  After London they moved back to Brazil, but it is always exciting to watch swimmers that you have had a chance to coach perform at meets like this.  Fabiola and Diogo are great swimmers and even better people and It was good to see them on TV ( and swimming well.  CONGRATS to BOTH!!!

Here are the links to watch their races:

50 Meters Backstroke Final Video

100 Meters Backstroke Final Video

100 Meters Breaststroke Final Video

200 Meters Breaststroke Final Video

100 Meters IM Final Video

200 Meters IM Final Video


Here are the Official Results:

50 Backstroke Prelims / Finals

100 Backstroke Prelims / Finals

50 Breaststroke Prelims

100 Breaststroke Prelims / Finals

200 Breaststroke Prelims / Finals

100 IM Prelims / Finals

200 IM Prelims / Finals 



Ali Talwar Commits to Tulane University!

Ali Talwar has commited to Tulane University!!!

What a great pick by Tulane University and the Tulane Womem’s Swimming & Diving Team.  Ali Talwar is one of our Captains of our 2012 Girls Bolles Swimming and Diving Team and besides being a good swimmer, she is an amazing person.  I think the “Green Wave” is lucky to have the commitment of such an amazing student-athlete.  Ali is a born leader and most importantly is the type of person that will help her teammates be better both in the water and out of the water.

As a swimmer I think Ali has her best years ahead of her and I have no doubts that she will lead the “Green Wave” to great success.

Here are Ali’s Best Times:

200 Free:             1:54.19 (Unshaved-Untapered)

500 Free:             5:01.91 (Unshaved-Untapered)

1000 Free:           10:19.01

1650 Free:           17:04.12






This past weekend I had the great opportunity to travel and be a guest speaker at the Hawaiian Swimming Bi-Annual Coaches’ Clinic.  It was a privilege to be able to travel to Hawaii and share my thoughts about coaching to the Hawaiian swimming coaches.

I really want to thank Coach Victor Wales the head coach of the University of Hawaii men’s and women’s swimming and diving for organizing such a great event and making sure that we all had a great experience.  Coach Victor, the University of Hawaii and the Hawaiian swimming community suffered the tragic death of one of their swimmers the week before the Clinic.  Peter Chi “went from being a walk-on swimmer, to a scholarship athlete, to a finalist at our conference, to achieving United States National Time, which is the highest thing you can get as a swimmer," said Coach Victor (read the rest of the article HERE).

Coach Victor told me that Peter had been an inspiration for everyone on the team and I could see in the conversations we had during the Clinic what a great effect this tragic death had in him and the whole community.  Personally I have the upmost respect for Coach Victor and everyone in Hawaiian Swimming for everything they did.  I wish him and his men’s and women’s team THE BEST in everything they do in and out of the water.


The Clinic this year had the following speakers:

Victor Wales – Head Coach of the University of Hawaii Men’s & Women’s Swimming and Diving.

Lori Briggs – Dry-land Specialist for the USA Swimming National Team.

David Meck – Santa Clara Swim Club Director of Competitive Swimming and Head Coach of the Senior Gold Group.

Dr. Jan Prins – Director Aquatic Research Laboratory at the University of Hawaii.

The Clinic was a great experience for me. It was a very short trip, but an opportunity for me to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with almost 50 Hawaiian Coaches that attended the Clinic.  Here are the topics of my talks

  • 1·         How can we be good if I don’t have the same resources to coach as…? - Don’t look at what you don’t have and utilize to 110% what you have.
  • 2·         How to create a “Tradition” and at the same time develop a high school swimmer into a USA swimmer and a college student-athlete. - “TEP” – Tradition, Excellence & Passion & Using TEP to develop swimmers to the highest level.
  • 3·         Simple Does It! – How to create a simple training cycle to develop successful and fast swimmers. - How to use the Aerobic, Race-Pace and Power-Speed training in a three day cycle and through a season.
  • 4·         My thoughts about Breaststroke Technique. - The way I see and understand Breaststroke from my experience as a world class breaststroker, from my Coach Joseph Nagy and from what I have learned coaching swimmers.

I traveled Friday morning to Honolulu once I got there I had my first talk that afternoon.  The Clinic went on until Sunday afternoon.  Right after the Round Table I took a plane to HILO with Coach Bill Sakovich, his wife Jean, Coach Jon Hayashida his wife and several other coaches from Hilo.  Monday afternoon I gave a Clinic to the swimmers of three of the swim clubs from Hilo.

I spoke for an hour about a little bit of my background as a swimmer and as a coach, gave them some tips of how to correct certain errors in the strokes and then for over an hour we practiced some drills for breaststroke, butterfly and the streamline in the water.  We had over 50 swimmers in attendance.  It was very rewarding personally to be able to share my thoughts with these young swimmers.

Also I am very thankful for Coach Bill Sakovich and his wife for taking care of me that day.  In the morning before the Clinic Coach Bill took me around and showed me the volcanos, the city and then we had lunch with his wife, mother and Coach Justin at the Yacht Club in Hilo.  Check out the picture I think I have found the place where I want to coach in few years ;-)  BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thank You to everyone for a great weekend and for such great hospitality.  It was a great learning experience and also a good little break from what goes on back here in Jacksonville ;-)


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