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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!




Words + Behavior + Habits + Values = Destiny

Here is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that I just came across five minutes ago while browsing the net. I was trying to find a thought or a positive point of view that would help me align myself internally.  I do that many times ;-)

These five sentences are right on spot for me today.  I always tell my swimmers to “Look at the Positives of the Negatives”.  Lately I find it harder and harder to follow this advice and internally I seem to only be focusing on the negatives. The result of having so many negative thoughts from everything that is going around me are many “not so good words & behaviours” coming out of my mouth.  As a result I am showing sometimes a really bad behaviour towards others.  Not good :-(

The thing that worries me the most about it, it is that it is happening too often and it may be becoming a habit.  So I just decided that MY WORDS will be positive so MY BEHAVIOR, MY HABITS, MY VALUES will BECOME MY DESTINY and will keep moving me in the right direction.

As I mentioned in the earlier post these past twelve months has been a roll coaster of emotions at all levels professionally and personally.  Very hard to deal with it at this point in my life, but an amazing growing experience that will keep shaping me internally for whatever this beautiful life has in storage for me in the future.



In Life #ThereAreNoOrdinaryMoments

It has been over a year from my last posting and a lot of people probably thought that I was done posting.  No way Jose ;-)  My only excuse is that over these past 12 months a lot of things have happened in my life and my family’s life and I just could not find the time to write and post.  Many times I sat down to write but fell asleep on top of the laptop ;-)

These past twelve months have been a roller coaster of emotions and great experiences for me and my family, both personally and professionally.  Moving to Singapore after being at The Bolles School for almost eight years has been, to say the least, interesting while also an amazing process and a huge growing experience at all levels.

First of all, it was very hard to make the decision of leaving Bolles professionally.  But most important it was very hard to let go of the amazing group of coaches and swimmers I had the privilege to work with every day, and the great support we had from the parents of the swim team.  The transition to Singapore has not been easy at all, but I believe it has so far been very good and we are all (Family and myself) moving in the right direction.

To me the most important thing in my life is my family. My wife Sandy is a real trooper and I can’t thank her enough for putting up with my goals/dreams with swimming, but most important for always believing in me and keeping us (Harley, Cobi and me) moving in the right direction.  She has been the strong one, trying to keep each one of us in the right frame of mind while coping with her emotions of leaving everything behind and many times feeling hopeless and lost.  If I had to name two heroes in my life without hesitation I would say my wife Sandy and my mother Maria Lluisa. 

Today I wanted to write about the transition from Bolles to Singapore, but this is what just came out of my interesting brain while listening to some good music ;-)  Next time I will share what the first six months of coaching have been like here in Singapore, but now I feel that I need to share with all the coaches out there how important it is to really embrace your family.  One of the things that I have to give credit to Coach Bob Groseth is that he really tried to make me understand that my family always came first and that I could not lose track of them.  Even with all the work we had to make sure the Northwestern University Men’s Swimming & Diving team was moving to the top, Bob always placed my wife and children in front of everything.  He became family for my kids and he really helped me to never forget it.  At Bolles, one of the first things I did was to make sure that the coaches, who had children, always had the opportunity to go and see their son or daughter at school plays, birthday parties, sporting activities etc… I know it is a very hard thing for us coaches to understand that “Yes we can miss a practice if it is for the good of our own children”.  Remember that we end up taking care of everybody else’s children better than our own and that is not right.  One of the things that I really found out is that swim parents really appreciate that we (coaches) take time off to take care of our own children.  So please never forget about it.  I know it is hard but at the end of the days our children should be our top priority.

I will share with you a story that really made a huge impact in my life and that taught me a huge lesson about my own persona.  One night in September of 2006 when I was working at West Virginia University talking with my daughter Harley right before she went to sleep, she looked at me and told me: “Papa, when are you going to come to the most important meet of my life?” at that point I probably looked so lost and puzzled and right before I could open my mouth she said “Yes, the Stealey Meet is the most important meet of my life and you have missed these past two years” (the meet is the summer league championship for our area).   I believe I said “I am sorry” but before I could say anything she told me straight to my face “don’t promise me that you will be there next year because you will find any excuse to go recruiting, you always do”.  That was a low blow that I guess I deserved and also a big wake up call.  At that moment I promised to myself that I would make sure that I would go to the meet no matter what.  Well around the end of May 2007 (nine months later) I accepted the position at the Bolles School and they needed me right away.  So now I had a dilemma, do I leave right away and miss my daughter’s most important event in her life (July 13-14) and move to my new position where they had no Head Coach since April, or do I make sure I attend the meet.  Well I spoke with the Head Master and he allowed me to start July 16th and I was able to attend the most important event of my eight year old daughter.  I can tell you that it was one of the best experiences in my life just watching how proud my daughter was watching me watch her and just being there at the meet as a dad.  That really was no ordinary moment, and one that really changed my understanding of the reason why we have children. 

My mother told me a long time ago “Sergio remember that your children come to this world to teach you about yourself”.  I probably thought at that time that my mother was just trying to tell me that you will see how much pay back you will have for everything that you have put me through ;-).  But she was right 100%.  My daughter taught me (and keeps teaching me daily) a great lesson that night and nine months later at the meet that I can’t ever forget.  So my message to you coaches (and any parent that reads this post) is that you should never lose track of your children’s life and how important you are in their development and well-being.  Believe me they will be dysfunctional like you and I are, but hopefully by these teaching moments that our children have with us we can become better parents and we can help them be a bit less dysfunctional and really have a great internal and loving life.

I can also tell you that over these past few months I have learned a lot from Sandy, Harley and Cobi about being resilient and how important it is that we take care of each other at all levels but especially at the emotional level.  As I said at the beginning of the post it has been a roller coaster of emotions this past year and I have to thank my family for never giving up and always trying to push forward to make the best out of this great life adventure that we started together 25 years ago.

Well, I better stop this one since I have to get ready for the afternoon practice.  Hope it makes sense and that I was able to share some good stuff.  Remember that in life #ThereAreNoOrdinaryMoments and the only thing we need to do is to take a deep breath, close our eyes and when we open them just appreciate everything that is happening around. 

Thanks for reading this one and enjoy and make the best out of your journey my friends!


On my way to Jozsef Nagy induction into the ISHOF

Driving with Sandy (actually she drives ;-) to Fort Lauderdale for an exciting weekend at the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This year one of the inductees is my old coach Jozsef Nagy, the master mind of breaststroke.

Very exciting weekend ahead of us since it will be a big reunion with Jozsef's family and many of our old teammates. Can wait to see everyone!



Big Success - 2014 TYR Jax50 - 5th Edition

The 2014 edition of the TYR Jax50 was another huge success at all levels.  Beginning with raising money to teach underprivileged children how to be water safe to the FAST showdown between world class swimmers on Saturday night to the clinic where our young swimmers worked directly with these world class swimmers in the pool.

First of all, I have to thank the coaching staff at Bolles and in particular Coach Michael Walker and Coach Payton Brooks.  Both of them worked very hard the two weeks prior to the event, organizing and making sure that the 5th edition of the TYR Jax50 ran smoothly.  Michael and Payton took charge of every detail while i was out of town for different conferences and camps.  Thank you Michael and Payton!   I must also thank the following people without whom this would not have come together:  Coach Jason Calanog and his wife Tracey, Coach Jon Sakovich, Coach Dale Porter, Robin Gibbons (the one that keeps us in line ;-), Coach Steve Lazarton, Coach Paige Hamilton, Coach Lauren Liston, Coach Nancy Hennesy, Madison Brooks, USA Swimming Officials Mr. & Mrs. Breault, my brother Marcos and all the volunteers who worked very hard to make it run smoothly. Thank You All!!!

The three day event hosted almost 500 swimmers from all over Florida, along with teams from Georgia and North Carolina. Every year we have seen steady growth.  The coaches love the format of the meet and the young swimmers really enjoy racing alongside the Pros. After five years, I still see more opportunities to grow this one of a kind event and ways to improve and I’m looking forward to the next edition in 2015.  

Another important part of the puzzle without which this event would not have happened are our sponsors. TYR has been with us since day one and has assisted us in creating a base for the Planet Swim Foundation, while also helping to develop our Jax50 brand. A big “thank you” to all of our sponsors that have supported us this 5th edition.

The 2014 edition of the TYR Jax50 has raised $14,203.00 to teach underprivileged children how to be water safe making it the most successful edition so far!  Also our Olympians-Pros-Postgrads were able to take home a total of $12,830.00 between prize money and the Clinic they hosted Sunday morning.  A total of over $27,033.00 was generated by the event for the underprivileged children and the Olympians-Pros-Postgrads. This is a great step forward in helping to "Share the Power of Swimming".

The Dual Sprint Challange that took place Saturday night was a lot of fun and full of fast swimming from the younger ones to the Pros. What impressed me the most is that Amanda Weir, Karl Krug and Josh Schneider arrived that morning after flying in on the red eye from the Mesa Grand Prix to make it to the event.  Amanda has attended the Jax50 since our first edition.  We also had the honor of having Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Lara Jackson, Madison Kennedy, Tao Li, Dax Hill, Paul Murray, Mark Weber, Mario Todorovich and Omar Pinzon. Five countries were represented in the TYR Jax50 Finals, USA, Bahamas, Croatia, Singapore and Colombia, and five of those swimmers have been in at least two Olympic Games. Very exciting!

The winners of the 2014 TYR Jax50 were:

Josh Schneider ---------- 19"32

Madison Kennedy ------- 21"92

The younger swimmers battled it out for some very cool awards:

1st place  TYR high tech suit and a towel

2nd place TYR jacket, pants and towel

3r place practice suit

4th TYR Jax50

Follow the following links to learn more about the Tyr Jax50 and what Planet Swim Foundation does to “Share the Power of Swimming”.

Event Website TYR Jax50

Planet Swim Foundation 

Also a BIG THANK YOU to the Florida Swim Network for working so hard in making our event a successful one.  Joe & Bess Auer, Mike Kennedy and the whole FSN crew are so passionate and grateful and I can thank them enough.  Here is a link to the event videos and interviews.  Enjoy!

Florida Swim Network TYR Jax50 Page

Again THANK YOU to everyone for making this 5th Edition of the TYR Jax50 be a reality and also the most successful yet.  Now it is time to expand and set it up around the country ;-) #BELIEVE!



What an AMAZING weekend of FAST High School Swimming!

I just want to CONGRATULATE the Baylor Boys Swimming & Diving Team and the Carmel Girl's Swiming and Diving Team for the great weekend of FAST SWIMMING.  I am very happy for the team and the coaches and personally loving the way the bar keeps getting higher and higher for all of us to aim for.

Coach Dan Flack and Coach Chris Plumb and their assistants have been doing and amazing job with their teams over the last years and I want to take this opportunity to Congratulate them and wish them the best of luck for the rest of the season with their club meets.

You can watch Baylor's videos by going to the Youtube site of Jess Vargo: VIDEOS

You can watch Carmel's videos by going to the YouTube site of Carmel's Coach Chris Plumb: VIDEOS

To read about all the races and results go the the following sites:

Baylor: Swimming World & SwimSwam

Carmel: Swimming World & SwimSwam

Enjoy and CONGRATS to both teams, parents, schools and coaches.