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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!




A good Nap - Una Gran Siesta ;-)

Here you can see the pictures that I took from the bench I took a royal NAP ;-). It lasted over one hour and thirty minutes. I have to love the Barcelona benches.

Like the saying says: "A Great Nap Is A Way of Life-Source of Happiness". You can quote me on this one.

Aqui puedes ver un par de fotos desde el banco donde he tomado una gran SIESTA ;-). La verdad que me sento super bien el dormir durante una hora y media. Un gran sprecio a los bancos de las plazas en Barcelona.

"Una Gran Siesta Es Una Manera de Vivir-Fuente de Felicidad"

Gracias Barcelona!
Thank You Barcelona!


Esto es un pecado-Sushi in Barcelona ;-)

Quien me diria que volveria a Barcelona a comer Sushi.

Who would tell me that I would come back to Barcelona and eat Sushi and diet Coke.

Where is the Sangria and Tapas?



Barcelona First Day at the pool

After spending seven days in Girona with Team Singapore, we had our first opportunity to swim in the World Championship pool this morning in Barcelona. Beautiful venue in a beautiful city.

I will try to post pics, thoughts and videos every day. Enjoy!

Intentare escribir tambien en castellano.

Hoy primer dia en la piscina drl Mundial aqui en la bella ciudad de Barcelona.

Intentare escribir a diario. Disfrutar!



After a great meet a GREAT reward-Krispy Kreme ;-)

What can I say. We had a great weekend of not only swimming fast but also of great bonding. Amazing group of kids. Very proud to have this chance to coach them.

Now before we go on a campus tour of the University of Georgia we had to stop by Krispy Kreme. Every morning coming out if our hotel we had to drive by the big sign "Hot NOW Doughnuts" and the whole van full of swimmers would be crying for a hot doughnut. Well guess where we are right now? ;-)

Ready to eat some (already had two while writing this ;-) hot ones!

Great Job BOLLES!

Eat up my friends!!!

Safe travels for everyone.


BOLLES swim WELL at Sectional Day 3

Another great day today for our Sharks here in Athens. Most of our swimmers did best times in every event. The one that gets the swim of the day is our youngster Parker Andrews aka "Water Strider". This morning before the race I told him what a Water Strider is and thanks to technology Coach Michael showed him a video on YouTube of how fast they move on top of the water. I think Parker could alsi be known for "Mistery Man", since you never know if he is even at practice and many of the coaches don't understand the Mistery of his FAST swimming. This morning "Water Strider" went out on top of the water and FAST splitting 30"78 :-01) and came back to dropp 4 full seconds and got a Junior National cut with and impressive 1:06"41.

I am very proud of Parker for Believing in the process and for understanding the if we work together even if the oath is practice is a little bit different the sky is the limit. Very talented, very intelligent, hard worker and a very good kid. Still a Mystery that I am happy to try to solve and learn from him.

This morning we had Caio Batista swim another personal best by over 5", seconds in the 400100 Free with a time of 4:13"64. Great race but with few things to improve (approach to wall, turns and finishes). Congrats!

Claire Rasmus had another best time in the 100 Fly with a 1:06"36. I believe that if we work her second kick and a little more fly she will be very fast.

Kasey Schmidth suprised herself with a 1:04.17 in the prelims of the 100 Fly shaving over 2 seconds of her life time best. Tonight she went out with no fear in a 29"48 and swam a little faster 1:04"08. I can't wait to work that fly, she will be FAST!

Our men's 100 Fly in the prelims went very well. Alex Goerzen swam a 1:00"54, Reed Wynn 59"56 had another personal best with a 59"56, Joey Carbone and Teo D'Alessandro had personal best unshaved with a 57"79 and 56"70, and last but not least Ryan Murphy swam an easy 55"39. Tonight Joey Carbone swam another personal best with a 57"70, Teo D'Alessandro was a little slower but still very good swim with a 56"78 and Ryan Murphy swam another personal best with an impressive win in a time of 53"52. Congrats to all of our Flyers!

Olga Lapteva swam a great prelims in 100 Breast with a personal best of 1:14.19 and tonight she placed 5th in the Final with another best time of 1:14.08. I feel that tomorrow she will get out in a 1:13 when she controls her stroke. Can't wait ;-)

Tonight the "Water Strider" swam another very impressive race with a 1:06"58 and if he works on little details next week our Mystery man may go 1:05 ;-). Sergio Lujan swam two good races today between prelims and finals, technically better that a month ago. He was 1:06"11 in prelims and 1:06"12 at night. Also Kriss Witt had a better morning that tonight, he was 1:07"97 in prelims and 1:08"50 tonight. Our youngest breaststroker James Daugherty aka "Jimbo DJ"by had an accident with his goggles and they moved up and down so he was blind during the race still he managed to go 1:10"78 that I am pretty sure that will be slower than his split tomorrow in the 200 Breaststroke.

Tonight Josh Booth lead off the 800 Free Relay with a 1:52"19 much better first 100 than yesterday but was hurting last 60night meters, Caio Batista swam another 1:56"54, Teo D'Alessandro 1:56"03 and Ryan Murphy anchored with a 1:53"3 to give Bolles a win in this event.


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