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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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Good morning for Bolles Swimming

Great morning for Bolles Swimming. A lot of Fast Swimming and Improvements from the news I keep getting from our swimmers and coaches at the Gator Invite back in Gainesville. Keep up the good work and Good Luck to every Shark at Finals tonight.

Here at Nationals Ryan Murphy had a very good morning. His first event, the 200 Free was a personal best time with a 1.35.76 that placed him 8th for tonight's Finals. He did not want to be in the top final since he wanted to have more rest before the 100 Back but life works in funny ways ;-) I have a feeling that he will be faster tonight.

His 100 Back was very good. He swam a controlled 46.18 placing 4th for tonight's Final. Hopefully he will be faster than at States ;-)

I will keep you posted and thanks for your support.




Great Night for Ryan Murphy at Nationals

Tonight Ryan Murphy had a great night at his first finals at Short Course Nationals. His first event the 200 IM was a very good race for him with a personal best by over a second with a 1.44.43. Very exciting race placing 4th by 0.2 from second place. Between getting his medal and the 50 Free he probably had 15-20 minutes. He was warming down and almost missed the event. He swam a very impressive 19.78 and even more since he had a cramp in one if his legs while swimming. Impressive swims after coming from the high school States three weeks ago and trying to get ready for Short Course Worlds in two weeks in Istanbul, Turkey. Tomorrow he will be swimming the 100 Back and 200 Free. Hopefully more fast swimming. Today Sergio Lujan swam a very fast 100 Breast in the 400 Medley Relay with USC with a 52.3 ;-) Also two Bolles Alumi swam today. Nimrod Shapira and Timmy Gutman. Nimble swam very well the relays and the 200 IM. Tommy broke his finger on the finish of the 50 Free this morning at Prelims, so he is out for the rest of the meet :-( Also tomorrow we have over 120 Sharks swimming at the Gator Invite back in Gainesville. GOOD LUCK & GO BOLLES! BELIEVE! !!

Good Prelims for Bolles at Nationals

Ryan Murphy swam a personal best time in the 200 IM with a fast 1:45.62 placing 8th overall and earning a spot in the A Final for tonight. First time attending USA Nationals, first event and first final ;-) Like we say "there is a first time for everything".

I would say 10 minutes after the 200 IM he swam the 50 Free with a time of 20.12. Not a best time but good enough for a second swim tonight. He qualified 19th and will be swimming in the C final tonight.

I really feel that tonight he will swim fast. This morning he seemed a little sleepy :-)

Will keep you posted.



Prelims day 1 at Nationals

Here we are at USA Nationals. Ryan will be swimming later today the 200 IM & 50 Free.

I will keep you posted.



In Austin for Nationals

We just finished practices here at the great Aquatic Center at the University of Texas.

It has been five years since Bolles has been at USA Nationals in December. Fast time was back in 2007 in Atlanta.

This week will he exciting for Ryan Murphy here at Nationals and for our more than 120 Sharks that will be competing at the Gator Invite back at the University of Florida. I have a feeling that we will see a lot of Fast Swimming.

GOOD LUCK to everyone.