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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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Videos Joseph Schooling 100 Fly national Record & Bolles Relays at 1A FHSAA Championship Finals

CONGRATS to All the Bolles Swimmers for the great performances at the 2013 FHSAA 1a Championship Finals and for winning both the Girls and Boys State Titles.

I am just posting the videos today and once I have a meeting with the team next Monday I will post my thoughts about this State Championships.

Congrats to Joseph Scholing for breaking twice a National Record.  In the morning he swam a 45.90 that was a New national Independent High School Record and at night swimming an impressive 45.52 breaking the overall High School National Record.  CONGRATS!!!

Enjoy the videos:

Joseph Schooling 100 Fly - 45:52 National Record

Boys 200 Medley Relay - 1:28.93 Second Fastest Time in High School History

Girls 200 Free Relay - 1:32.74 State High School Record


Girls 400 Free Relay - 3:23.70

Girls 200 Medley Relay - 1:44.11

Boys 200 Free Relay - 1:22.32

Boys 400 Free relay - 3:01.86



Caeleb Dressel & Joseph Schooling break National Records - FSPA 2013

Another amazing FSPA Invitational for our Bolles High School and our Bolles Sharks swimmers yesterday in Stuart, Florida.

I think that it is important to mention to everyone that our swimmers were not tapered or shaved for this meet.  From our Bolles High School Team only one swimmer wore a high tech suit, the rest used the regular team suit and the results were very good. Joseph Schooling (Sr.) wanted to see if he could break the National Independent Records in the 200 IM and 100 Fly without tapering and shaving.  Plus this year Clay High School and Bolles Sharks swimmer Caeleb Dressel was going to be present and Caeleb entered the 100 Fly to race his club teammate Joseph and break the National Record.  Our Coaching Staff (High school and club) was very excited to see the showdown between these two great athletes.

Also to mention that when I left the meet I did not have a copy of the official results, so the times here may not be completed to the tenth of the second.  Sorry but you will be able to check the oficial results by tomorrow online.

Before I go into the great swims that Joseph and Caeleb posted last night I need to mention what a great job our Bolles High School swimmers did racing both in prelims and in finals against some of the best swimmers in the State without using high tech suits.  We had some very good times from every one of our Bulldogs, but the ones that are important for any college coach that reads this blog are from our senior swimmers that still have not decided where to go:

Jessica Hodgson swam an impressive 1:49"8 in the 200 Free, lead off the 400 free relay with a 51’9 and had a split of 24’1 in the 200 Free relay.  I have told many college coaches about Jessica but I am not sure if they believe meJ.  She swam 2:02 last year in long course untapered and unshaved.  She went home to Thailand to train and compete at the end of the summer and things did not go well for her but if I was coaching college today and I knew what I know about her I would be recruiting her very hard.  She is tough as nails and she has the ability to swim much faster.  My goal for her is to break 2:00 long course this summer in the 200 Free.  I know there are a lot of swimmers at her level here in the States, but she loves to race and head to head she is very hard to beat. Great job Jessica!

Will Mckinney is one of our captains and one of those swimmers that will go unnoticed as a high school swimmer, but once he gets to college will be swimming very fast at NCAA’s and coaches will be wondering why they did not bother looking at him.  Will came to Bolles four years ago and as a freshman did not swim very well and had to make some adjustment to life. At the end of last year he was named one of the Captains for the 2013 Bolles School High School swim team and personally it was a great decision that the swimmers made. Will is a great person and an amazing leader.  He has a great personality and most importantly he understands how to carry the team and keep everyone accountable.  As a swimmer I believe he is an amazing talent.  He is built like a linebacker and he is naturally very strong.  Yesterday at the meet, he swam very well with a 21”2 in the 50 Free, a 51”7 in the 100 Fly, a 47+ in the 400 Free relay and a 21’2 in the 200 Free relay.  Will has been working very hard and when he is shaved and tapered for States in six weeks he will tear it up.  Thank You Will for being such a great Leader!

Luke Georgiadis is another one of our Seniors that did a very good job this weekend.  Last year during the season he could not go faster than 49” in the 100 Free and he finished the high school season with an incredible 45”68. This season in the last couple of meets he has been in the low 47’s and 1:44 and I am pretty positive that with the way he has been working we will see a breakout swim at States in a few weeks.  He is also naturally a big athlete who I believe once he gets into college into a good weight program he will become very fast from the 50 to the 200 and also has great potential in the short Breaststroke and Fly.  Yesterday he swam a 21”9 and 47”1 in the 50 and 100 Free.

Now it is time to talk about the National Records for High School and also NAG that were set yesterday by Joseph Schooling and Caeleb Dressel.

The night started with Joseph Schooling swimming an amazing 200 IM.  Joseph has been working very hard because in December he has the 2013 Southeast Asian Games that for his country is more important than the Olympic Games.  Hard to understand, but that is the reality for many small Asian countries.  I told him to bring a high tech suit and depending how he felt in the morning that we would decide if he was going to go for it.  The morning swim was a very easy 1:51”3 and after the race when we spoke I told him that I believed that he could swim under 1:45 if he was tough.  Well he did an amazing job and swam a 1:45”21 to miss the National Independent Record by 0”20.  You could see that in his turns he was not sharp enough and lost a bit in the transitions.  Still in the middle of hard training and recruiting visits he still was able to challenge the record.  Congrats Joseph!

I had recorded the race but I believe I erased from my phone before I recorded one of the other events. Sorry :-(

Next was Caeleb Dressel (Clay High School) swimming the 50 Free. In the morning he had a very good swim with a 19”56 but missing both the National High School Record and the 17-18 NAG Record by 0”1+.  Tonight he broke both with an amazing 19”36.  Watching Caeleb doing this at this time of the season makes me believe that we will see a sub 19” at the High School State meet in November.  Beautiful swimmer.  Congrats to Caeleb, Coach Jason Calanog and his High School Coach Justin Faulkner.

Watch this incredible unshaved National Record of 19”36 in the 50 Free by Caeleb Dressel. Enjoy!

You can change the resolution to HD

Probably 20 minutes later for Caeleb and 25 for Joseph we had the great showdown in the 100 Fly by two of the best swimmers in the World their Age.  As hard as it is to believe, Caeleb’s 100 Fly in long course gives him more points that his 50 Free and 100 Free.  Our coaching staff knew that this was going to be an amazing race to watch and sure enough both swimmers stepped up and delivered probably the best 100 Fly race ever in high school.  Caeleb Dressel won with a 45”89 and Joseph School came right behind him with a 46”20.  Caeleb walked away with the overall National and also the Public High School records and Joseph broke his own National Independent High School Record.  I did not have a chance to talk with Caeleb about the 100 Fly race but Joseph told me after the race that his legs were really tired and heavy after the 200 IM and his last two underwaters he could not really go.  I have no doubt that once he rest a bit for States he will swim pretty Fast.  I am not sure if Caeleb will swim the 100 Fly at the State meet but if he does I know it will be another record.  I can’t wait to see both of them racing at the States.  Congrats to both. 

Here is the 100 Fly race for you to enjoy!

You can change the resolution to HD

Another 25 minutes later Joseph lead off the 200 Free relay with an impressive 20”18 helping our team to post an impressive 1:24”65  As you can see in the video our other three swimmers are not using high tech suits. I have a good feeling about this relay for States ;-)  Here is the video and enjoy.

You can change the resolution to HD

Probably another 20 minutes later Joseph lead off the 400 Free Relay with an impressive 43”97.  This time he had Caeleb in the next lane making this an exciting race.  Caeleb touched the wall with a 43”19 and gave his team Clay High School a nice lead.  I believe Clay High School had to break their school record with the amazing 3:09+ that they posted. I saw the team after the meet at Cold Stone getting “The Creaminattor” as a reward for their great swims.  Three of the swimmers on that relay are Bolles Sharks that are coached by Jason Calanog in the Late Night Group (Caeleb Dressel, Dakota Mahaffey and Grady Heath).  Our Bolles relay ended up with an impressive 3:06+ and besides Joseph we had Tyler Rice, Like Georgiadis and Will McKinney.

Also here is the video of the race for you to enjoy.

You can change the resolution to HD

Overall another amazing day of FAST Swimming not only for our Bolles Bulldog and Bolles Sharks but for many swimmers in the State of Florida. To see the results go to the: 

FSPA Website:

Thanks for stopping by!

By the way my wife is driving the car back from Stuart and I really have to mentioned how amazing she is ;-)  Time for me to take a nap


Joseph Schooling places 16th at Worlds in the 200 IM-CONGRATS Jojo! - Videos

Tonight Joseph could not better the National Record that he broke in the morning but he swam another great race and swam his second best time ever to finish 16th in the Semi Finals of the 200 IM here in Barcelona at the World Championships.

I am very proud of “Jojo” for coming back for three days at such a high level meet and keep pushing himself to find a place between the best in the World. Only a Senior to be in high school and with a bright Future ahead of him.

Here are the Videos of the races for Gisela Morales (Guatemala), Mario Todorovich (Croatia) and Joseph Schooling (Singapore). Enjoy and sorry for the not so good quality, but we have to sit too far from the pool.  Anyway at least you can see it how I saw it ;-)>

Joseph Schooling se clasifica el 16 en los 200 Estilos en elMundial-FELICIDADES Jojo!

Esta noche Joseph no pudo mejorar su Record Nacional que establecio por la manana pero aun asi nado otra gran carrera y nado su segunda major marca terminando el16 en la Semi Finales del Campeonato del Mundo aqui en Barcelona.

Muy orgulloso de “Jojo” por el trabajo que ha realizado estos ultimos tres dias a tan alto nivel.  Ademas de seguir empujando se ha establecido como una joven promesa a nivel Mundial.  Solo un Junior en High School con un future muy brillante por delante suyo.

Aqui teneis los videos de las carreras de Gisela Morales (Guatemala), Mario Todorovich (Croacia) y Joseph Schooling (Singapore). Disfrutar y perdonar por la baja calidad del video, pero nos tenemos que sentar bastante lejos de la piscine.  Al menos lo vereis como yo lo vi ;-)>

Gisela Morales (Guatemala) Prelims 50 Back-Espalda (29"42) Nacional Record

Mario Todorovic (Croacia) Prelims 100 Free-Libres (49"80) Personal Best

 Joseph Schooling (Singapore) Prelims 200 IM-Estilos (1:59"99) National Record

Joseph Schooling (Singapore) Semi Final 200 IM-Estilos (2:00"49)



Ryan Murphy brings two Medals from Worlds back to Jacksonville.

These past few days we had three of our Bolles Sharks represented three different countries at the 2012 Short Course World Championships here in Istanbul, Turkey.  Anderson Lim (Brunei), Joseph Schooling (Singapore) and Ryan Murphy (USA) have done a very good job these past five days here in Istanbul.

Today has been the most exciting day of all.  Ryan Murphy had the day of his life today here in Istanbul by winning two Medals at the 2012 Short Course World Championships.  Ryan won a Bronze Medal in the 200 Backstroke in an Epic Race with Ryan Lochte and Radoslaw Kawecki from Poland.  The race came down to the last 25 and Ryan came 0.4 short from winning the Gold.  Amazing swim making him the third fastest All-Time Textile swimmer, and he is only 17!

Here are the splits and the video of his race tonight:

1- Radoslaw Kawecki      25.47 / 53.06 (27.59) / 1:21.24 (28.19) / 1:48.48 (27.24)

2- Ryan Lochte                25.16 / 52.73 (27.57) / 1:20.89 (28.16) / 1:48.50 (27.61)

3- Ryan Murphy                25.40 / 53.03 (27.63) / 1:21.09 (28.09) / 1:48.86 (27.77)

Here you have the video of the Medal Ceremony for the 200 Backstroke:

Ryan this morning swam a very comfortable 1:50.60 in the 200 Backstroke to qualify 2nd overall for tonight’s final.  I believe he swam the fourth fastest time of the year this morning.  Very good time for being the first time swimming in his life in short course meters.  His splits: 25.69 / 2.42 (54.11) / 28.75 / 27.74].

Here is the video of the Men’s 200 Back Prelims:

After the 200 Back Ryan was given the opportunity to be part of the 400 Medley Relay for the Prelims swim for USA.  That gave him an opportunity to swim for the first time the 100 Backstroke in short course meters. He swam next the current World Record Holder and did an excellent job with a 50.91 split that I believe is very good too for being the first time.  He would had been top eight in the Finals of the 100 Back here in Istanbul.

Here is the Video:


 Joseph Schooling swam three Singapore National Records, one in the 50 Fly, one in the 100 Fly and another one in the 200 Fly.  His 100 Fly placed him 22nd with a 51.84 and the 50 Fly placed him 17th with a 23.58. In the 50 Fly he missed the SemiFinals by 0.01.  Joseph also helped Singapore in the 400 Medley Relay, 400 and 800 Free Relays.

I will post the videos of the 100 Fly and 50 Fly as soon as I get them from Singapore Swimming.

Joseph did not have a very good swim today and I think mainly because of really hurting his ankle over two weeks ago and not being able to really train properly and push his kicking.  His time was: 1:59.44 [26.18 / 29.87 (56.06) / 31.06 / 32.32]. 

Here is the Video of his race:

Anderson Lim did not have the best meet ever but he swam an almost Personal Best in the 200 Free with a 2:00.74 and he added a couple of seconds in the 400 with a 4:23.37.  In my opinion his strokes were good but he needed to push harder both events from the beginning and really push hard in the middle of his races.  Very young and with a great future ahead of him.

Amazing Finish by our Sharks and by Ryan Murphy of this first part of the 2012-13 season.  I am proud of all the swimmers, coaches and parents for making Bolles the great place it is.



Videos of the Bolles National Records

Thanks to everyone for the great support that we have received.  It was a great day yesterday for Bolles Swimming & Diving and I am very proud of all the swimmers, coaches and everyone that helped us to make it a reality.

Tomorrow I will write my thoughts with more detail but here it goes what these kids did yesterday:


5 National Records (NFHS) [100 Fly, 100 Back, 200 Medley relay, 200 Free Relay & 400 Free Relay]

7 National Independent School Records [50 Free, 100 Free, 100 Fly, 100 Back, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay]

10 Florida High School State Records & Team Records [50 Free (2), 100 Free (2), 100 Fly (2), 100 Back, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay]

25th Consecutive State Championship Title


2 Team Records [50 Free & 400 Free Relay]

22nd Consecutive State Championship Title

Here you have the videos of the National Records.  Please if you want to see a higher quality of video change it to 720 or 1080 HD in the Youtube feature located in the right hand bottom of the player.


 200 Medley Relay - 1:28.02

50 Free - Santo Condorelli 19.88


100 Fly - Joseph Schooling 46.60


200 Free Relay - 1:19.27


400 Free Relay - 2:54.43