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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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Ryan Murphy's 200 Back & High Point Award Videos

Here are a couple of videos from this past weekend at the 2012 Winter USA Swimming Nationals at the University of Texas, Austin. 

Ryan Murphy had a spectacular weekend at his first Short Course Nationals by breaking a National Age Group Record and by winning the High Point Award.

Ryan’s 200 Backstroke on the last day of Nationals was an amazing swim for a 17 year old.  His 1:38.15 makes him the first 18 and under swimmer to break 1:40.00 in the 200 Back and also makes him the third fastest swimmer in the History of the event.  Besides getting a new 17-18 National record in the event he also broke the pool record that belonged to Aaron Peirsol.

Ryan took charge of the race from the start and really challenged the great Russian swimmer Arkady Vyatchanin (Gator Swim Club) from the begining to the end.  Ryan was ahead until the last few meters but he still was able to get his hand to the wall ahead of Arkady.  A good fact is that Arkady is the actual World Record Holder in the 200 Back in Short Course Meters. Hopefully a good sign for Ryan ;-)

All Time Top Performers

1:36.81 Ryan Lochte        USA 11/29/2007

1:37.58 Tyler Clary            USA 03/26/2009

1:38.15 Ryan Murphy     USA 12/01/12

1:38.45 Aaron Peirsol      USA 03/02/2006 

All Time Top Performances

1:36.81 Ryan Lochte        USA 11/29/2007

1:37.58 Tyler Clary            USA 03/26/2009

1:37.68 Ryan Lochte        USA 03/23/2006

1:38.15 Ryan Murphy     USA 12/01/12

1:38.17 Tyler Clary            USA 03/26/2009

Here is the video from the race we took from our phone.  I had to ask a friend of mine Mark Liscinsky (Assistant Coach at the American University) to take the video since I get too nervous and my hand shakes too much ;-)

Also here is the video of the High Point Ceremony with Missy Franklin, Matt Grevers and Ryan Murphy. This has a special meaning to me since I recruited and coached Matt Grevers at Northwestern University back in 2003-04 and now we have them both tied for the High Point award at Nationals.  Matt at this meet broke the American Record in the 100 Back with a blazing 44.55.  I feel so privileged that I have had this chance to coach both swimmers at different points in my career and to learn from both of them. I know that what I learned from Matt has helped me help Ryan develop his talent.  What a great day!

Now two more weeks for Ryan before he swims the 200 Back for the first time in Short Course Meters at the 2012 World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.  After this swim I really think and feel that he is very confident and excited to swim FAST and represent the USA at the highest level.

Good Luck to Ryan and Matt in Istanbul!!!


Congratulations Matt Grevers-A True Champion

Matt Grevers OLYMPIC CHAMPION!!!!!!

There is no much to say than CONGRATS MATT!

I am very happy for him, Annie (his fiance) and his family. Of course going first and second with Nick Thoman a great result for USA Swimming.

Matt Grevers a great person and now Olympic Champion. Matt CONGRATS from Sandy, Harley, Cobi and me.

Enjoy the Photos!


Matt Grevers - "The Gentle Giant"

Matt Grevers, what a great guy!

52.08 the second fastest time in the history of the 100 Backstroke and an opportunity to represent the USA at the 2012 Olympic Games that will take place at the end of July beginning of August in London, England.  I am so happy for Matt ;-)>

I had the privilege to recruit and coach Matt when I was at Northwestern University and it was an amazing coaching and learning experience.  What I would like to point out about Matt is the great person that he is and the big heart that he has. 

I know that we are in the sport to win and t0 be the best, but at the end of the day the most important thing that we have are the experiences we gain (good and not so good), and the relationships we create.  I remember playing hide and seek at my house in Evanston with my kids (Harley and Cobi) and a couple of my swimmers (Matt one of them), and finding my son Cobi at that time probably 3 years old hiding in the closet with Matt.  I wish I had a camera because it was a great image to see a 6’8” Gentle Giant sitting next to a tiny little boy trying not to make noise.  Both of my kids are Matt’s #1 Fans because of the great experiences and the way he treated them during that year back in Evanston and I thank him for it.

Well like my kids I am a huge Fan of Matt Grevers, most important not for how fast he is but how good he is as a person and the big heart that the “Gentle Giant” carries with him day in and day out.

Matt - Best of Luck in London from the Lopez Miro Family.

Here you a video of Matt Grevers at Trials talking about his experience.  Thanks for the camera time ;-)




Good story :-)

After prelims this morning Aubrey and I were coming out of the Quest center when I saw Matt Grevers. I recruited Matt to attend Northwestern and I had the privilege to coach him during the 2003-04 season. After Aubrey, Matt and I had a little conversation and we were walking back to our car I told Aubrey Matt’s story.

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