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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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Ryan Murphy-Swimming World TV- THANKS!

THANKS to Swimming World TV for the great interview with Ryan Murphy.

Ryan talks about his decision to commit to Cal Berkley and also his next goals with High School swimmming.

In case that you have not seen it here it is:



A Good & A Not So Good Running Dives - Watch!

In the video below you can see a very good running dive by Ryan Murphy and a "Not so Good" running dive by Santo Condorelli. The other day at practice I asked them to film them, so I could post two very good running dives since both swimmers do a great job.  The result was not what I expected but I guess it makes a good video.

Different ways of diving but both very good technique which helps them with their starts.  I like a lot to do running dives so we can practice the start and most important the entry, the underwater and the breakout.  As you can see Ryan is going in the water with a lot of speed and once he enters the water he has to really learn to control that speed.  Santo on the other hand is just funny ;-)

We have also been using parachutes for the last 5-6 years to work with our running dives, and soon we will be using a NEW pulley system that Coach Michael Walker has designed for us. I will post some videos with some of the sets we do sometime soon with both tools.

Now watch this video and get some laughs because one of the dives is “Not So Good”.


Please make sure that if you do any running dives on the pool deck that it is safe.  Don’t try this with inexperienced swimmers.  Thanks!



Today was another good day at practice here at Bolles.  From now on I will try to post some of the practices we do and some of the times that our kids swim at practices.  For the last years we have been working on creating a culture of not being afraid and standing up in practice and swimming FAST.  Today Santo Condorelli swam an impressive 100 Free in practice.

Yesterday Santo came up to me and asked me to make a deal with him.  If he swam 44+ in the 100 free I would cut each set of the practice by half.  Yesterday I told them no but he asked me again today and I figured that if he really is asking to go 44 in the 100 free in practice that I need to let him go and do it.

So after the warm up of: 

1)      400 swim / 200 Kick / 200 Pull / 200 Im Drill

         8 x 50 IM on 50” with Hand Paddles and Fins holding 150 heart rate

         100 easy

2)      8 x 25 on 30”

         Two of each stroke [1 build to choice / 1 at 90% effort]

         50 easy

3)      10’ choice to get ready 

And then he stepped up and swam an impressive 44.65 [9’73 / 20’81 / 23’84].  Watch the video, his strokes are not good since he was feeling tired and his turns were pretty bad ;-) On the last 25 we thought after the turn he was finished but he really pressed deep inside and finished very well. But it is very impressive for a high school swimmer.

Here is the Video (you can adjust the Youtube settings to watch it on HD):

After the 100 Free I told him to warm down. The rest of the team did ½ of the practices and we had some pretty good swims by everyone.  The set they did was: 

3 x 75 on 2’ at 10% slower than the 150 they did this past Friday

                    Divide the 150 time by 2 and get the 10% of that time

                    Example: Ryan Murphy was in the 150 Backstroke 1’17’95 (1’18) = 78 seconds / 10% =7,8 / Goal Time = 45,8

2’ extra rest

1 x 75 FAST from Dive 

Ryan Murphy (Back) & Joseph Schooling (Fly) were going 39+-40+” on the 3 x 75 and on the 1 x 75 from Dive Ryan was 34,83 Backstroke and Joseph was 34,41 Fly.

Overall everyone in the group swam very well and very FAST so hopefully it is a good indication of great times at the State Championship on November 10th.



Ryan Murphy Commits to CAL Berkley!

Ryan Murphy has committed to CAL Berkley! 

Congratulations to Ryan and to Cal Berkley.  Personally I am very happy for Ryan since he has been very methodical during this recruiting process and he is convinced that Coach Dave Durden and the California Golden Bears will help him reach his goals as a student-athlete and as a world class swimmer. CONGRATS Ryan!!!

Personally it has been a privilege to coach Ryan for these past four years and I can’t wait to watch him step into the next level and develop as a collegiate and world class swimmer.  I know that Ryan will be able to help the Golden Bears not only in the backstroke events, but his IM, his Fly and his Free will be events that if he wants to, he could be on the top at the NCAA Championships. 

I still have almost ten months coaching Ryan, but I know I am going to miss him.  I am very thankful to Ryan for creating the partnership that he has created with me, and for allowing me to coach him and allowing me to share my thoughts with him.  Also I want to thank him for everything he has done for Bolles as a student-athelete.  I have learned a lot from him these past years in and out of the water, and I thank him for that.  One of the things that I am most thankful is that he has kept me on my toes day in and day out with his curiosity, determination and work ethics to be the best. THANK YOU Ryan!

I know Dave Durden and Yuri Suguiyama will have a great time coaching Ryan and developing him to the next level.

Here are Ryan’s best times in yards:

50 Free:                20.02

100 Free:             44.15

200 Free:             1:36.34

50 Back:                21.77

100 Back:             46.72

200 Back:             1:40.90

100 Fly:                 48.16

200 Fly:                 1:48.98

200 IM:                 1:45.77

400 IM:                 3:56.50

Thank you Ryan!!! 



Bolles Relays Break two National Records

What a great day our Bolles Bulldogs had yesterday at the FSPA High School Invitational.  Every one of our girls and boys swam really well yesterday at the Invite and it is hopefully a good sign of what the team can do in five weeks at the State Championships.  I honestly feel that this is the “BEST” team that we have had here at Bolles in the last six seasons in depth, youth and experience.  Our girls’ team is full of youth and with very good Senior leadership and I think they will surprise this year. Very exciting!

The highlights of the meet were the two High School National Records that our boys’ team broke in the 200 Free Relay and the 400 Free Relay.  Most impressive is the fact that we did not rest and taper for this meet.  I know people will say they wore ‘FAST” suits and they had to be rested.  They did were FAST suits or at least old FAST suits, since I wanted the whole team to have a meet before the State meet to feel and understand that they will be ready to swim very well at the State meet. Also Thursday afternoon we had to cut our practice short due to a really bad thunderstorm, and Friday I gave them the morning off to get ready.

Also this group of four boys this past Tuesday (10/2/12) swam a dual meet after school at our pool and wearing just the training suits they went an impressive 200 Medley Relay with a 1:31.59.  I don’t have the splits here with me but it was something like: Ryan Murphy (back) 22.4, Joseph Schooling (breaststroke) 26.6, Josh Booth (fly) 22.4 and Santo Condorelli (free) 20.2.  Too bad we did not swim it this yesterday ;-).  Also they went 3:03.32 in the 400 Free Relay.

Here is a picture of the four Boys that broke both records last night:

Ryan Murphy (Sr.), Santo Condorelli (Sr.), Joseph Schooling (Jr.) and Josh Booth (Jr.)

Below you will find the videos of both races.  When you watch the videos think that these four swimmers swam other events before the relays and like Ryan Murphy between the 200 Free Relay, the 100 Back and the 400 Free Relay he had less than 30 minutes.

Swims today by the four relay boys:

Ryan Murphy: 200 IM 1:47.76, 200 Free Relay 20.24 (lead off), 100 Back 47.45, 400 Free Relay 44.42 (lead off)

Joseph Schooling: 200 Free 1:38.19, 200 Free Relay 20.58, 100 Fly 47.5, 400 Free Relay 44.68

Santo Condorelli: 50 Free 20.48, 100 Free 44.58, 200 Free Relay 20.03, 400 Free Relay 43.80

Josh Booth: 200 Free 1:42.04, 100 Free 47.43, 200 Free Relay 20.03, 400 Free Relay 45.58


Click for full Results: 2012 FSPA Invitational


Here is the Video for the 200 Free Relay

1:20.88 – Ryan Murphy 20.24 / Joseph Schooling 20.58 / Santo Condorelli 20.03 / Josh Booth 20.03




Here is the video for the 400 Free Relay

2:58.58 – Ryan Murphy 44.52 / Joseph Schooling 44.68 / Santo Condorelli 43.80 / Josh Booth 45.58




If you have a blog, swimming website, Facebook please feel free to post/share these videos if you would like to.  Hopefully in November I will be able to post more but this time also for our girls ;-) 

Now few hours of rest, and back to work and get better.