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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Sergio Lopez Miro and I have been involved in the swimming world as a swimmer or as a coach for almost 40 years.  Swimming has given me a path in life and my goal is to share some of my thoughts and experiences here with you.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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Great Family Vacation!

I am back with my blog and I promise you that I will keep posting regularly ;-)

August 7th I left London with my family to go to Barcelona for a short 8 day vacation.  It was great to be back home with Sandy, Harley and Cobi since last time we were there together was over 10 years ago.  I know, Cobi was a little one and Harley was only three years old but because of work we never got to travel back to Barcelona until now.  I always wanted to really take them back home regularly mainly because I believe that it is very important for both of my kids to understand and see where I come from.  Well our vacation was great and I sure hope to repeat it very soon ;-)

Here are some pictures from our Trip to Barcelona Olympic Mountain, the L’Escala (beach town north of Barcelona) and downtown Barcelona.  I will post more from this beautiful city in the future. 


My son Cobi always complained to me that we gave Harley a very famous name (from Harley Davidson ;-), but I always told him that his name was very famous since he was named after the 1992 Olympic Mascot “Cobi”.  The first thing we saw when we entered the Olympic Museum at the Montjuic Mountain was a picture celebrating the 20th anniversary of Cobi the Olympic Mascot.



Here are some pictures of the beautiful town of L’Escala where we spent few days at the beach being lazy and eating great food ;-)



And here some more pictures of the “Best City in the World” BARCELONA!!!


We will be back to Barcelona next summer for the 2013 Swimming World Championships!